It All Started as a Hobby

Hi y'all! We thought we'd take a moment and introduce ourselves to our new friends. :) We're Johnny, Rachel (and Finnley!). We're a husband + wife designing/building duo. 

Something we're asked quite frequently is "how did you get started in the furniture business?" Well, to be honest, we kind of fell into it! 

You see, we began building furniture out of a small, $75/month storage unit in our apartment complex after our daughter was born premature at 29 weeks. As 2-months-worth of NICU bills began rolling in, Rachel was spending most of her time in the hospital, and our savings account was drained. Determined to stay out of debt, we began building furniture on the side to sell to friends and on Craigslist.

We shuffled around as Rachel spent most of the day in the hospital with our daughter while Johnny was at his day-job in sales. He would go from the office to the ‘shop’ to build, and then back to join Rachel and Finnley in the hospital — many times as late as 1AM, just to spend a few hours with Finnley before doing it all over again the next day. It was hard. There were countless tears. But God carried us through — and by God’s grace and sovereignty, Finnley was released and we were out of debt!

But word traveled fast and Johnny had projects scheduled out for weeks at a time. Before long, "Cavie" (Johnny's childhood nickname) had turned into "Cavie And Company."

It’s just crazy to look back in retrospect over the last two years and realize that we probably wouldn’t have taken "the jump" or discovered Johnny’s God-given knack for carpentry, if Finnley hadn’t been born premature. It’s just proof that God truly uses EVERYTHING for His glory and our good.

One of our favorite parts about what we do is that 10% of all profit goes to fund the incredible work our friends in India are doing, as they rescue children from labor camps and trafficking, bring them into freedom, and give them True Hope!

Thank you for supporting our little small business and funding the fight against child slavery. Our little family is forever grateful!