Cavie House: Entryway Remodel

‘We purchased a home but it could use some work…’ Is one of our favourite things to hear.

We bought our own little fixer upper the summer of 2015. Our miracle preemie girl in tow, we set out to make this little red-brick, 3-bedroom our own.

We fell in love with the little house in the middle of a culdesac with over half an acre and a pool — buttttttttt it also had red+ hotpink+ mustard+ neon blue+ a different ceiling fan in every room.

We like to say our natural aesthetic is cozy, clean, and modern. (Special emphasis on the cozy with our two little ones.) Soo, to say our family was a bit thrown when they saw the house we’d just purchased was an understatement. 🙂 But there’s something special about uncovering hidden potential— there’s just nothing quite like it.

So here we are three years later and every room is full of stories— and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️ Next project on the list: tearing out the staircase and replacing it with a custom metal one. 🎉

Pictured below: The Cavie House’s Entryway (in all it’s forms) over the last 3 years. Scroll alllll the way to the end to see where it started. From ahh! to alllll the heart eyes.

Loves, The Cavies

Cavie House- Entryway Remodel/

Current view of our entryway: It’s amazing what a vision, a little shiplap, and some goooddddd Paint ("Caviar" by SW) can do.

Cavie House- Entryway Remodel/

We fell in love with these Coat Hooks (WEBI Hardwareat an amazing price-point too!) We were going for a more minimalist look, so we did without the caps and used black screws instead.

Cavie House- Entryway Remodel/

Here’s our little project in perspective. With such a small space we wanted to maximize it's style and function without overwhelming it with a ton of busy-ness.

Cavie House- Entryway Remodel/

This was our first, temporary solution (aka: The Cavanaugh Hall Tree & Mud Bench shortly after moving in— pictured here right around Christmas time— obvs.) It was beautiful, and it definitely worked. However, after putting new hardwoods in, we were ready to make a more permanent change that was more in line with our home’s overall mood.

Cavie Home / BEFORE /

The very beginning: Here’s a little snapshot of where we started (thx for Realtor photos.) Looking back now, it’s hard to believe now it's the same house!

After seeing our little home’s entryway in all it’s forms,

which is your favourite?